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SUPER-CLEARTM Film is not only a multi-functional product, but it can also serve as an independent element of the interior, which will perform several tasks: be a partition, alternative to curtains, shading screens or blinds. Being in a transparent state, SUPER-CLEARTM Film does not allow ultraviolet rays into the room, which contributes to the creation of a healthy microclimate. Reduces heat loss and minimizing the cost of air conditioning.

Privacy Protection : SUPER-CLEARTM Film can be used on office windows, board room windows or office partitions to create private working and meeting spaces quickly and at a reasonable price.

Projection Screen: Transparent by day, opaque or HD projection screen by night... Whether you are looking for an affordable privacy solution, to add a layer of security, decrease energy costs, or offer an innovative store display, SUPER-CLEARTM Film is the future of smart glass solutions for retailers.


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