• Laminated Smart Glass 5+5mm
  • Laminated Smart Glass 5+5mm
Laminated Smart Glass 5+5mmLaminated Smart Glass 5+5mm

Laminated Smart Glass 5+5mm

  • Transmittance: 85%
  • Thickness: 5+5mm
  • Power: 48-60VAC
  • Product description: smart glass, laminated glass, intelligent glass

By switching the Film on, the crystals line up and reorientate themselves, turning the Film totally transparent. Switching from the non-transparent state to the transparent state is almost instantaneous and can be repeated as often as desired.   

Electrochromic Glass (Switchable Transparent Glass) is a laminated glazing comprising two sheets of glass, either clear or tinted, and an electrochromic film. The STF and the glass panes are assembled by means of two interlayer films (exp EVA film).

Technical parameters of electrochromic glass:

(1) It appears milky white nontransparent state in turn-off, and it appears transparent state in turn-on.
(2) The light transmittance is not less than 78%, and its anti-light transmittance is not more than 10%.
(3) The switching speed is less than 0.1 sec.
(4) The visual angle is not less than 140°.

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